About Us

What is Bulldog Manufacturing?

Bulldog Manufacturing is a new Work Based Learning course at Alden High School. Bulldog Manufacturing is a student-run business that allows students to gain real-world experience working at a business in an educational environment. Our team consists of students that have come together from all kinds of academic backgrounds to create a one of a kind classroom experience. Watch the video to see an inside view of Bulldog Manufacturing by Alden High School’s WACS News!

Our Company

Bulldog Manufacturing is a 2-year program available to Juniors and Seniors for 2 credits a year. The application process includes having a resume, two letters of recommendation, and an interview. The team is divided into 5 departments: Business, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Design. Read below to learn more about each department and what they do on a daily basis!

Business Department

Our Business department focuses on the financial side of the company, working with Quickbooks to deposit payments and fill out Purchase Orders daily.

Sales Department

The Sales department directly communicates with all of our customers and create estimates daily.

Design Department

The Design department uses Illustrator to make custom designs for every project. They also complete all of the laser engraving required for any project.


The Manufacturing department offers a variety of services including: welding, sheet and general metal fabrication, metal product repairs, and is working towards offering machining services.

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department runs our Social Media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They also create our promotions within our company!

Our Goal

With the growing gap of youth entering the skilled trades, Bulldog Manufacturing aims to educate students with real, meaningful work that will help prepare them for the workforce and give students the best opportunity to succeed after high school.

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