“Good is not good enough if better is possible”

Established in June of 2019, Bulldog Manufacturing is a student run business located at Alden High School. We pride ourselves in creating individualized products for our customers and always striving to meet our their needs.

As our business is constantly growing and expanding, please pardon our dust while our website is under construction. Our current available products will be available to view soon, but feel free to contact us in the meantime at bulldogmfg@aldenschools.org

Welcome to Bulldog Manufacturing!

This past July, 12 students applied to and were selected to be at the high school 5 days a week for an exciting new Work Based Learning course called Bulldog Manufacturing. The students learned fundamental business skills to help start their own company and they have been designing and manufacturing products for local businesses ever since.  To be a part of this team, each of the students went through a rigorous application process which included creating a resume, acquiring letters of recommendation and going through an interview with teachers. These students have come together from all academic backgrounds to create a one of a kind learning experience. Dealing with real-life customers and projects gives these students an amazing opportunity to learn life skills that will help them when entering the workforce as well as in there day to day lives.  Bulldog Manufacturing allows students to develop and strengthen their communication, problem-solving skills, teamwork, and leadership abilities through specific position responsibilities and weekly team building activities.

Following their chosen motto, “Good is not good enough if better is possible” the team has completed numerous projects using wood, metal, plastics, and glass with laser-engraving and 3D printing services. One of the first orders the students took on was making 300 awards for the Alden House Soccer League over the summer, where each of the kids from U4 through U12 received a personalized ornament for this year’s participation in the program. Throughout the start of the school year the team has also created several camping signs for the faculty and members of the community. Each sign has been custom designed, quoted, welded, engraved, and assembled by the students on the team. Bulldog Manufacturing’s most recent project was the awards for the Distinguished Alumni ceremony in which previous students were nominated based on their achievements over the course of their lifetime. The students had to design a custom and creative award to be presented by the administration to these individuals. Although the team has only worked for a few months, the students have already shown tremendous responsibility, motivation, and desire to continue learning and developing their skills through the program. We are excited to see where Bulldog Manufacturing goes.